Saturday, September 21, 2013

MSI Released HD4350 Low Profile Cards For HTPC

MSI, the world’s leading manufacturer of graphics cards, today unveils its R4350 series graphics card. Officially announcing a full range of high, medium and low-end R4000 series products this quarter. All enthusiast R4800, mainstream R4600 or entry-level R4350 series, comes with the high performance of DirectX® 10 games, as well as a price that is so affordable. The R4000 series full range of graphics card is the most value choice in the market.

2X specifications of previous generation

The latest R4350-D512H and R4350-D256 graphics cards utilize the ATI Radeon™ HD 4350 GPU core (codenamed RV710), with 80 stream processors. Double previous generation ATI Radeon™ 3450 specifications to provide the extreme DirectX® 10 gaming performance, up to 1.7 times the previous generation performance. Users can easily enjoy the DirectX® 10 games by using the entry-level graphics card.

Designed for HTPC

Both R4350-D512H and R4350-D256H use low profile design, which is suitable to install in the barebone or HTPC small chassis. The second-generation 55nm manufacturing process can reduce power consumption and heat of R4350. Even it only uses passive cooling design with zero-noise, it can still save energy and maintain low temperature under full speed operation. In addition, it supports UVD 2.0 decoding engine which allows R4350 series graphics card to 100% accelerate decoding MPEG-2/VC-1/H.264 movie format in Blu-Ray disc. Even with the entry-level CPU, the system can playback the next -generation Blu-Ray movie disc properly and smoothly.

The GPU of R4350 has built-in audio codec. Through the simple adapter, DVI will be converted to HDMI output with 8 channel LPCM surround sound. Users do not need to transfer SPDIF sound from motherboard or audio card into graphics card, just a simple HDMI cable enables it to output video and audio directly to a TV or projector.

R4350 series graphics card is perfectly designed for HTPC (Home Theather PC). There are many advantage to use computer as a media player. It is flexible enough to support a wide range of audio and video formats. The software can be upgraded to improve compatibility, and HTPC let the media player have full PC functionality, and can play DirectX® 10 games as well. Low profile, energy efficient, zero-noise, MSI R4350 series graphics card is the best solution for HTPC.

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