Sunday, November 24, 2013


SPARKLE Computer Co., Ltd., a professional VGA card manufacturer andsupplier, today brings next generation of virtual effects with announcingSPARKLE GeForce 8800 series video cards. Once again, hard-core gamers who arepursuing ultra-realistic gaming experiences now can make 3D horsepower a bigstep forward with SPARKLE SF-PX88GTX and SF-PX88GTS video cards.

Based on NVIDIA's next generation G80 architecture, The new SPARKLESF-PX88GTX and SF-PX88GTS video cards deliver on a promise to elevate your gamesto DirectX 10 era! As the world's fastest graphics cards, SPARKLE SF-PX88GTX andSF-PX88GTS video cards adopt NVIDIA innovative unified architecture, dynamicallyallocates processing power to geometry, vertex, physics, or pixel shadingoperations, delivering up to 2x the gaming performance of prior generation GPUs.Built upon technologies such as NVIDIA Lumenex Engine, providing support forDirectX 10 Shader Model 4.0, NVIDIA Quantum Effects technology for physicscomputation and GigaThread Technology for extreme processing efficiency inadvanced, next generation shader programs, SPARKLE SF-PX88GTX and SF-PX88GTSvideo cards will empower pc gamers to fuse fantasy with features to create nextgeneration DirectX 10 Ultimate gaming experience.

"Equipped with extreme blazing fast GeForce 8800 GPUs, SPARKLE SF-PX88GTX andSF-PX88GTS video cards are great cards for DirectX 10 era gamers that's lookingfor the absolute best performance in next generation games such as Crysis, andso on." said Kevin Wang, sales director of SPARKLE Computer Co., Ltd. "With thatkind of power gamers can crank up their screen resolution to an unbelievable2560x1600 for an extreme high definition shader model 4.0 gaming experience.Also helped with unparalleled Quantum Effects technology, hard-core gamers willget a new level of physics to be simulated and rendered on the GPU -all whitefreeing the CPU to run game engine and AI ! "

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